Recent events at work have made me sit down and think about how I collaborate with others, both at work and outside of work.

At the moment, my life tends to be driven by my calendar. Without that, I’d be lost as it contains all the information I need to be able to organise my life, or at least where I should be going next. However, the problem is that I don’t use it nearly enough – yes, I store the majority of my appointments in there, but I don’t use it for any kind of task management over and above where I need to be next.

A key thing that is missing is a reliable and available task management system, to allow me to accurately and quickly capture any incoming tasks. This is made more difficult by the fact that there is a very definite separation between my work and personal life, at least in the technical sense.

I’ve currently got the use of an iPad Air, at least until the end of this month. The next step is to buy an iPad of my own, but it needs to be a cellular iPad as it makes the whole keeping everything in sync that much easier, not to mention being helpful when I need to be able to work remotely and away from wifi hotspots and the office.

I don’t think that it’s the panacea that I expect it to be. However it will offer me a very simple pathway to getting things done, and that will reduce my mental ability to pass over doing things because there’s something in my way, or because it’s awkward or some other silly mental excuse.

I need thing to be easy and convenient – if they’re not then I’ll find an excuse not to do it. Such is the nature of procrastination!

So – I guess it’s time to go shopping for an iPad.