Spoilers and Twists

So I’ve watched Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones over the last week or so, and it’s amazing how much hype there is around both of them. Don’t worry – I’m not going to post any spoilers here!

Part of the challenge has been trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible so I can enjoy watching them and be entertained by the plot twists and overall story. Ten years ago this was probably easier, as less people were on social media so there was less chance of people ruining something for others. Now, however, it’s much harder – I use several sources for news, including Twitter, Google Now and Google News, and several prominent entertainment sites seem hell bent on sharing information in their summaries in an attempt to up their click through rate. For the most part I succeeded, but there were two sites that gave away information that I couldn’t help but see. Fortunately for me though, one of them was OK as it was what I was expecting anyway, while the other spoilt the ending of Game of Thrones Episode 3 for me which was rather annoying.

For Endgame, it turned out to be really enjoyable. For me Avengers: Endgame wasn’t the payoff I expected, but it was enjoyable nonetheless – the writers and directors did a wonderful job with a really difficult task. Having that many characters and trying to ensure they all get meaningful screen time is a herculean feat, and it succeeded for the most part. There were also so many Easter eggs hidden throughout the film that it was fun to be able to spot and recognise them when they came on. Did it pay off as the finale to 21 previous films? For me, no – there were a lot of what I considered to be plot holes and it felt a bit ponderous in places and probably left more questions that it had answers. There’s been a surge in articles online attempting to explain the plot holes, but it feels a bit contrived with some of them almost sounding like get out clauses. That said, some of the endings were satisfying and one in particular moved me. So what’s next? Phase 3 is about to draw to a conclusion with Spider-man: Far From Home, and there’s no news yet on Phase 4. It wouldn’t be a bad thing for the MCU to take a collective breath and keep people wondering. After all, building hype is what the Marvel team are good at.

Spoilers and Twists

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