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To those who enjoy looking in at my life, thanks!

It’s a wonderful feeling to have people reporting back my moves to my ex. Please continue to do so! I’m not annoyed, otherwise why would I have posted about my debt in the first place? I’m just surprised that my life continues to spark interest for those who have nothing better to do than report back to her. I would have hoped to have gained some personal encouragement from people who had read the post, so I guess that’s been overlooked.

For what it’s worth, life is pretty good at the moment – yes I have some debt, but it’s relatively minor. After all, pretty much everyone I know has debt in one shape or another so I’m not sure why I should be any different at this stage of my life. The thing is, things are about to get a lot better for me and me facing my debt is only the first step.

Sharing Info

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