Facing the truth

Time to wake up and take responsibility and accountability for my past mistakes.

I’m £27k in debt right now – that’s the first time I’ve ever actually written that number down outside of an Excel spreadsheet. The number itself doesn’t scare me too much – perhaps it should, I don’t know. But regardless, I have to face the facts of my current predicament.

I’ve started to read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover – the early chapters are as you’d expect. Crucially he advocates that you take responsibility and deal with the person in the mirror before anything else. I’ve not yet looked directly in a mirror and had a hard conversation with myself, but putting my debt figure down at least does show that I am serious about servicing it and dealing with it.

The crucial thing now is to actually do something about it. Budgeting has never been my strong point, but it’s what I’m going to get started on next – there’s no real reason on the fact of it why I can’t have it all cleared down in a year, if not less.

That’s the target I’m setting myself – I need to be debt-free, or at least largely debt free, by March 2020. Then I can start saving seriously for a new house, and start to live my life without the shackles of debt.

Facing the truth

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