Starting from scratch

Thoughts, I’ve got a lot of them. Structured is something that isn’t a way I’d describe them. So I’ve decided that this blog (if that is what it is) will just be my outlet to get my thoughts out of my head and onto a screen.

First and foremost. I’ve got eighteen months to clear most of my debts. Not impossible, but needs some thought. I need to put aside £1000 per month to do this – which isn’t going to be easy as I don’t have much left after the maintenance payments are taken out. I’m over halfway in identifying that £1000, and just need to have a think about the remainder.

On top of that, I need my health back. I’ve started to lose some weight again – I just need to continue to be more disciplined. That can happen too.

Fingers crossed. If I get this right then I’m in for a terrific future.

Starting from scratch

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