One of my biggest fears is the dentist. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not going to start kicking and screaming at the fact that I’ve got to go, but rather I get very anxious and tense.

So when one of my fillings cracked, I finally plucked up the courage to look for a dentist in KL. Fortunately, the local group on Facebook mentioned that there was a new dentist opening up nearby, so I figured I’d give it a go and see how I got on.

I made an initial appointment for just before I left for the UK in September, and got on ok. The dentist herself was very friendly and tried to put me at ease when it came to the initial consultation, scale and polish. We agreed that my fillings really needed to be replaced as they were old, worn and chipped. That’s when my anxiety set in as I made my first appointment.

She focused on two fillings in my upper jaw, and I spent around two hours in the chair with minor local anaesthetic to try and keep me calm. After all that time, she had replaced my old metal fillings with new white fillings and for the first time I started to feel better about my teeth.

Yesterday’s appointment saw one of my rear molars filled in preparation for a crown, and I’m beginning to feel a little less tense and anxious about it all.

I’ve got quite a few appointments yet to come, and so there’s some way to go yet. However, this experience is a positive one and I’m finally starting to feel comfortable going to the dentist.


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