As I approach my 40th birthday, I wanted to do something that would be memorable. Originally I was planning to take the time off and spend it at Pangkor Laut resort, to try and recharge my batteries. I felt it would be good to have a few days peace and quiet at somewhere I knew. However, I was talked out of it and before long I started to think about what I could do instead.

The idea quickly surfaced in my head to start my week off in Australia, spend the middle couple of days in KL and finish it off in Bath with John, and so a plan was hatched. I couldn’t afford to go all the way to Sydney, so why not go to Perth – that was the suggestion of a friend of mine, and so having been put in touch with friends I flew down to Perth last Thursday and have spent the last few days actually relaxing and getting away from work. I feel quite refreshed, and I’ve still got another couple of days left here before heading back to KL on the Wednesday.

I’ve never been to anywhere other than Sydney before, so it’s been an eye opener to see another part of Australia. I’ve visited a dairy, a chocolate factory and a gourmet winery along the way, and ate some remarkable seafood at Fremantle, followed by wandering around the market there eating some deliciously creamy ice cream.

The sky here is a crystal blue colour, and is having a pretty positive effect on my mood – walking out the door each morning and being bathed in sunlight, with little or no cloud is something I’ve not experienced for a while, even in the UK.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before I get the opportunity to return.


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