Road to wellness

I’m getting fatter, that much is certain. I’m now weighing in at around 115kg, give or take a few grams. I’ve posted a few times how I need to try and shift the weight, but in reality not much has actually been done about it.

This has been depressing me of late, particularly as my clothes get tighter and tighter. I can’t afford to go out and totally refresh my wardrobe, so the only thing for it is to try and lose weight through exercise.

I started my journey last night with a late night session at a hotel gym – by late night, I mean 11:30pm. I was so successful that I managed to complete my daily Apple watch target for both Sunday and Monday for moving and exercise. What helped was the exercise machines having Netflix installed – this allowed me to catch up on some TV whilst I was walking. I need to do more and I need to be more organised in future. I have a bag, I have kit and I have a quick way home now. All the pieces are in place, so it’s time to start doing something about it.

Road to wellness

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