Rainy Days

It’s Monday morning, and the rain is coming down in KL. It’s pretty bleak, and even at 9am it’s still pretty dark out there.

Watching the rain fall makes me somewhat reflective; I’m not sure why, but just seeing the drop landing on the water traps outside mesmerises me and helps me clear my mind.

I’ve got an interesting week ahead of me – two days with a colleague who is very easy to talk with and an afternoon at Google on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday are clear right now, but I’m sure that I’ll find something to make it exciting.

I’ve not done much exercise the last week mainly due to having visitors and also trying to fight several fires at once. It’s a bit difficult to get focus right now, but hopefully this will start to change as the week moves on.

Today I need to get my head down and deliver some documentation – could do with some focus to help with that, but something tells me it’s not going to happen so I’ll have to keep muddling through and see what I can deliver.

Rainy Days

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