First Day

With the time difference between Malaysia and the UK, it’s not uncommon for me to make and receive phone calls late into the evening, and last night was no exception. I think I finally put the phone down at around 9pm, after a series of phone calls and one specific event that had got me worked up.

Normally when I get worked up, I rant at thin air and get very frustrated. I was in such a state last night (not because of the phone calls mind) and I suddenly decided to do something about it, so I went out on my bike for the first time in six weeks or so and rode for about 7.5km, which represents three laps of the area I live in. Then, for some reason, I decided to walk another lap of 2.3km.

I don’t know what prompted it, but cycling late at night certainly helped clear my mind somewhat – it also helped that I listened to some music to push me on. 7.5km isn’t far, but it represents a step forward in what I do. This exercise lark has been out of my life for too long, and it’s time that I started to get back into the habit.

To this end, I’ve booked slots every other day in my calendar to make time for exercise and myself. I’m also going to invest in a sit-up bench so that I can start doing sit-ups again – while not enjoyable, I did get a sense of satisfaction when I hit certain milestones and would love to be able to get back to the place where I could do 50 sit-ups in one go, and push on to be able to hit 100 sit-ups.

I’m feeling motivated and need to remove any further excuses from what I’m doing so I can press on. I’m hoping that the longer term health benefits will start to become apparent, but I’m aware that it will be hard at first – things will only get easier from this point on.

First Day

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