A New World

I started blogging last year to help keep track of my progress as I lost weight and gained some level of fitness.

Since then, a number of events have occurred in my life and it is on a dramatically different course to the one I was on this time last year. Heck, even since the start of this year I am in place that I never expected to be.
You see, I’m about to start a two year secondment to Kuala Lumpur with my job. I’ve now spent just over five weeks in Malaysia this year already, and I’m due to spend another three weeks here before I head back for my next ‘break’. I’m being sent over to set up a new software development centre for Wessex, giving access to a range of resources that we wouldn’t normally be able to access or afford in the UK. It’s also an opportunity to try out new things and particularly ways of working.

To say I’m excited would be understating things a little.

So – I’m determined to start keeping a blog about my exploits. What’s worked, and what’s not worked quite so well. The discipline to do this isn’t in place just yet, but every journey starts with one step forward, and this post is my attempt to put my best foot forward so to speak.

Where that journey will lead, I don’t know, but I’m bringing you along with me.

A New World

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