Away day

It’s been a couple of days since I came off plan, or at least stopped following the diet exclusively. So far, my daily diet now consists of a shake for breakfast, a reasonably sized lunch (either a hot lunch or a salad) followed by something sweet but not over the top, and finished in the evening with either another S&S meal or a small dinner at home. I’ve also sneakily eaten chocolate and biscuits in between times, but have tried to not go overboard with this.

So far, my weight is staying put – three days in is not absolute proof that I’ve cracked the maintenance thing, but it certainly gives me hope that I can find a decent enough balance between being able to eat sociably and keep the weight off.

The first major test will likely be tomorrow night when I go on a date night with my wife – we are planning to go to a restaurant first for dinner and I’m likely to order a decent sized meal.

I’ve now reached the stage where I need to shut up about my weight loss. It’s becoming old hat, and I’m getting the feeling that I’m starting to annoy people around me. So, no more comments or remarks about either my weight or other people’s weight, unless it’s complimentary.

All good fun, and I’m pleased that I’ve got this far on my journey – the challenge really is to stay at this weight and also try to carry on with my fitness routine.

Away day