Returning to normal

Last night I spoke with my wife and said that I’m pretty much where I need to be with my weight. She agreed, and said that I didn’t need to lose any more weight and that I looked skinny enough.

So today, I’m going to start returning to a semi-normal diet. What do I mean by that?

Well, I had a shake for breakfast, and will likely have a S&S meal for dinner, but I’m going to have something from the canteen for lunch today. I will no doubt get some looks from my colleagues, mainly of disbelief, but to be honest I’m now happy with my weight – I’m now 12st 9lbs, something which amazes me.

Another event elsewhere has meant that my week nights are freeing up significantly, which means that I would easily have time to go to the gym should I want to, or change my working pattern to allow me to attend the gym in the mornings. Either way, it will give me some more freedom to substitute the diet for exercise and keep burning the calories off each day.

It’s time for phase 2 of new Andy to start, and that’s when I take the weight loss and get myself fit and strong. I’m not after the ability to run a marathon, or take part in a bodybuilding contest, but rather get to the point where I feel fit enough to run around after my son, or strong enough to cut the hedges without my arms getting tired.

In some ways, I’m excited – in others, I’m a bit nervous. However, no matter what, it’s an adventure I’m determined to set out on.

So what about my eating habits? Am I going to go back to stuffing my face with biscuits and cakes? Probably not – I’m at a great weight now, and I’m determined to stay at this size, although I may well start to bulk up if I’m exercising. I’ll probably go back to just having a small bowl of Weetabix in the morning, with a reasonably sized lunch and probably a S&S meal in the evening. I’ll keep an eye on my carbohydrate intake, but won’t begrudge myself if I want a cake from the cafe bar at work. I’ll still drink either green tea, Earl Grey tea or black coffee – I don’t think I can go back to having milk in my drinks just yet.

Finally there is my love/hate relationship with chocolate and sweets. I’ve learned that this is something that I’m in control of now, so don’t feel the need to constantly eat chocolate. Yes, there are days when I go slightly off the rails and have a couple of bars of chocolate, but they are definitely the exception rather than the norm.

My eating habits have definitely changed, and for the better I think.

Returning to normal