Working out

I decided to look about getting a gym membership.

I’ve done this before, but not in the recent past – I think that the last time I did something like this was in 2007, and that lasted about eight weeks before it got too difficult to keep up (mainly down to the logistics of getting to the gym).

I’m still in a bit of a logistical pickle at the moment, but I’ve got to do something. I’m starting to hit the boundaries of what I can do at home, and I need access to equipment to target specific muscle groups, namely my shoulder, chest and back.

My aim would be to exercise probably three times a week, which would make each gym visit cost around £3. I can reconcile myself with that cost, but it’s whether or not I can do it realistically. My thinking is to visit in the evenings – Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with some top up sessions at the weekend.

I’ve got a taster session booked for this Friday, and I’m interested to see what programme they recommend for me. I have a level of fitness that far exceeds what I’ve had for a long time, and I’m curious to find out what they think I should be working on.

I’m now up to 100 squats per session, and I’ll be breaking the 200 sit-up mark on my next session on Wednesday. Every time I do my sit-up session, I end up sweating at the end of it – a good sign, albeit not a good sight! The squats, not so much, but my legs certainly feel it after I’ve finished.

Finally, my weight. I put on seven pounds during our brief trip to London and in the immediate aftermath. That’s now all gone, and I am back on track to get down to 12st by the end of this month, maybe even sooner. I’ve found that I can sneak a pack of Yoghurt Fruit Flakes in each day if I need them – they’re remarkably low calorie (114 kcals per 25g pack) and have a relatively small carbohydrate count which keeps me just within my daily total, if I include my jelly and my usual meal packs. In a way, this reassures me as it gives me one last food source for the day, if I need it.

More often than not, I don’t feel too bad at the end of the day, but sometimes I’m just a little ravenous before I go to bed, and a pack of Fruit Flakes just hits the spot.

So – eight pounds to go and I’m calling it a day. Might even be done by the end of next week, if not before!

Working out